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Affiliate Link Styles

POMZ gives an opportunity to use all the options of affiliate links. You just need to choose the suitable format.

Tracking Methods

POMZ allows to use several unique tracking methods providing for the most accurate monitoring of market trends.

Protection against Fraud

POMZ provides secure environment, free of any kind of fraud.

Channels Tracking

POMZ has an increased potential of traffic tracking by implementing SubID. This feature gives access to exact information on your advertising campaigns, including their cost-efficiency and drawbacks to be eliminated.

Real-time Statistics

POMZ statistics system gives a real-time overview of your campaigns. You can conveniently generate reports, choosing from a wide range of filters and setting the timeframe you are interested in, and save them in a format of your choice.


POMZ ensures automation of working processes through the use of an individual API which is available to all partners.

Text Links

Your affiliates can use usual text links as one of the simplest types of advertising material.


Graphic banners are probably the most widespread type of product promotion which is still rather efficient.

Flash Banners

These banners are an established and quite viable instrument of service promotion. Flash-banners combine attractive graphic design and appealing animation.

Banner Rotator

Banner that has a function of several advertising proposals rotation is rather an advantageous tool for market promotion of a product.

HTML Banners

POMZ offers to use HTML-banners as a tool of attracting customers. Flexible settings of sizes, positioning and colors make it easier for you to choose the optimal option.

PDF Banners

PDF banners convert a text created in a visual editor into a PDF file. All your partners get a PDF-file of high quality.

Quick Report

POMZ has a unique feature permitting to monitor the performance of your affiliate program. Essential summary containing all the necessary indicators is one click away.

Graphical statistics

Graphs and diagrams give a visual presentation of statistical indicators, summaries, as well as efficiency of your affiliate program.

Real-time Statistics

POMZ carries out real-time statics collection. You can get relevant data any time you need them.

Affiliates Reports

A detailed affiliates’ activity report helps determine your best performing affiliates and their efficiency and quality of work. Integral data analysis opens a whole new potential for improvement of cooperation quality indicators.

Advertisers Reports

Control over advertisers’ activities is an important step in developing your affiliate program. POMZ is capable of providing a real-time monitoring of key indicators of advertisers’ activities.

Users Reports

Information of all users’ actions in your affiliate network is at your immediate reach. Data collection is carried out with top accuracy. Report system registers all users’ actions, including every single click.

Delayed and disputed payments

Most affiliate networks have problems with advertisers who do not pay or dispute sales. This has a negative effect on the relationship between the participants of the process.

Increases trust

Successful completion of a task starts the execution of the smart contract and transfers funds to a partner without the need for an intermediary. This way blockchain and smart contracts effectively cope with the trust issue.

Quick payments

Smart contracts tackle the problem of disputed payments, because the transactions are automated and stored in public access of blockchain.

Lack of trust

The publisher must be sure that he will get a successful sale or other target action leading to payment every time a user is directed to a target website. More than 20% of fake operations are committed in the industry now, which is why the distrust between the advertiser and the partner grows.

Eliminates fraud

Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, we can dramatically reduce and eliminate fraud.


Blockchain and smart-contracts technologies integrated in POMZ are a means of providing for a more equitable, transparent and rational reward distribution in the field of affiliate marketing

Mass Payments

With POMZ, you can make payments to all your partners simultaneously in an easiest and fastest possible way.

Multiple Merchants/Affiliate Program Administrators

POMZ provides an opportunity to manage several user accounts within one interface.

WEB 2.0

POMZ interfaces were developed complying with the state-of-art technologies, which ensure top speed and convenience for the users.


Every POMZ element is displayed correctly on various devices ranging in resolution from a smart phone to a 4K monitor.


Convenience of POMZ services was a paramount task when the project was conceived. Our developers created user-friendly interface making your experience with the project enjoyable.

Multi-Language Policy

At the moment POMZ had interfaces in 8 languages of the world. Every month we add new languages to our interfaces. Your partners will be able to access the system in their own language forgetting about the language barrier.


POMZ undertakes to provide honest execution of financial obligations on the part of all users.

Periodic commission

Periodic commission integrated into POMZ allows rewarding your affiliates for stable recurring payments and active engagement.

Referral system

Inviting new partners to POMZ, you help us grow and develop and we give you a chance to earn on their activities.

Commission groups

Commission groups support defining different levels of commission for various users of one campaign.

Performance Rewards

The most active companies with the highest sales level can get higher commission.

Individual approach

Your personal manager will help you to find answers to any questions regarding the commissions

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